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Notícias Internacionais / 08/01/2021

New threat to the Atlantic Forest, in the midst of the crisis

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New threat to the Atlantic Forest, in the midst of the crisis


For agribusiness and the real estate market, Ricardo Salles plot with Bolsonaro to attack the forest. Protection would exclude “transition areas”, depriving Cerrado parts and coastal vegetation - which would give rise to condominiums…

In yet another measure that favors the business community and harms the environment that he should defend, Minister Ricardo Salles seems to take advantage of all the attention focused on the health crises - with the covid-19 pandemic - and politics - with the consequences of Sergio Moro's departure. of the Bolsonaro government - to articulate with the president a decree that endangers the Atlantic Forest. If the proposal succeeds, it will mainly benefit the real estate and agribusiness sectors.

As the website Direto da Ciência revealed last Friday (24), Salles' proposal, whose draft is already with Bolsonaro, intends to amend Decree 6.660, of 2008, which regulates the Atlantic Forest Law (Law 11.428, of 2006 ). The idea is to maintain legal protection only for typically forest formations.

Then, other plant components would be left unprotected by which the biome interconnects with others, such as the cerrado - which is of interest to agribusiness - and also vegetation native to coastal islands, ocean and transition areas between these formations, among others - of interest to the real estate market. .

“It is a kind of general release in which the sectors of soil exploration are favored. The new protection map will exclude landmarks the Atlantic Forest ecosystem that are vital for its functioning. The Atlantic Forest works and has life due to the connectivity with associated ecosystems. It is not just the forest that we know. It has transitions with other biomes, which together form this immense area that must be protected, because it is interdependent ”, said the president of the Brazilian Institute for Environmental Protection (Proam), Carlos Bocuhy.

According to him, the proposal removes protection over parts of the Atlantic Forest that most interest agriculture. “It is a slowdown, when one considers that it is important to look at the ecosystem as a whole. As the biome is a living organism, this proposal can be compared to the action of covid-19 on the human organism: it takes away the lung capacity of the Atlantic Forest. ”

For the non-governmental environmental defense organization SOS Mata Atlântica, this is the biggest attack on the biome and environmental heritage in Brazil. By changing the limits of the biome's domain, it reduces its size and scope in more than 10% of its territory - which represents a loss of 110 thousand square kilometers.

The organization also classifies the project as a further cuddle to entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. This is because, in the current law, deforestation is authorized only in works of public interest - which in some cases manage to fit.

The organization understands that, if confirmed, the decree would dispense with Ibama's prior authorization for deforestation of areas larger than the current limit, passing the authorization only to local environmental agencies. The limit of 50 hectares per enterprise could be increased to 150 hectares. In urban areas, the limit of three hectares would change to 30 hectares.

“It is unbelievable, there is no other word. This mismanagement needs to be stopped in its intentions and aggressions against the environment and the Federal Constitution that declares the Atlantic Forest as National Heritage. We went back to the 1960s, when government officials were at the service of an unsustainable growth model, ”said Mario Mantovani, director of Public Policies for the organization.


When he was secretary of the area in the government of Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), Salles tried to harm an area of ​​environmental protection to benefit mining entrepreneurs - and for that reason he was condemned in the first instance by the São Paulo Justice.

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