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Notícias Internacionais / 19/03/2021

World Peace Committee, Embellished World Peace University in Jakarta researched the realization of social education in the present life is the main key to the lead success in life.

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World Peace Committee, Embellished World Peace University in Jakarta researched the realization of social education in the present life is the main key to the lead success in life.

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News contents:-

The WPU University's ongoing research, President Dr Lalit Kumar, Delhi, India, together with his committee of which a study has been conducted for the importance of Children's education and it's awareness campaign driven by members of the throughout the world various high officials, Political Parties, Government and non-government institutions, various departments, disciplines, states and individuals.

While embarking on the interpretation of some important joint studies being carried out for the ongoing education awareness campaign, The interpretation described by our beloved Honorable Member Executive Advisory Council of WPU of India HE Mr. Sitaram Sharma, Chairman of the Child Welfare Committee of his native district, who presented themselves today as one of the great revolutionary society thinkers and has led by many NGOs to beautify his life as an inspirational life says -

"Our children are the future for the world, keeping them connected with education is a necessity to fulfill by every special person as a moral responsibility of being neighborhood in the community".

I would like to express my pleasure of meeting with the real humutarian Man, Mr Sharma Sir for knowing some of his most interesting thoughts to us to explain about the Study, For which we all would like to express our sincere gratitude to him towards the entire World Peace University family.

It is about that the present Chairman of the Child Welfare Committee, run by the Department of Child Empowerment, located in Pali District of Rajasthan, Mr. Sitaram Sharma, aged at 62 years, who comes Brahmin society, which is an very prestigious society of Rajasthan, the society of which everyone are world famous as a rich and a master of the education world a particular mythological period.

Even today, many auspicious and holy rituals are performed around the world under the prime responsibility of this class of society only.

Likewise some of his life of Mr. Sitaram Sharma is also implicated as a motivator due to his matchless contribution towards the society.

Mr. Sharma is known for his outstanding work style amongst us, he has been awarded many titles and rewards in the state for his outstanding contribution to the society, He has been also sworn many great responsibilities as well in the present ruling political party of the state for the last four decades. He has done many commendable works by providing his wise and expert opinion and leadership to help in strengthening the organization in the society.

He is also known as a milestone amongst many in the society for providing his commendable support and care to hundreds of families in the state as a result of the unmatched work he has done in the context of educating society and child welfare during his lifetime.

According to Mr. Sharma, when asked questions about the review of prevention of child and sexual offenses growing in children, he included his vast experience of more than a decade associated with the Child Welfare Committee he had shared very inspiring information that which we all are researching at our World Peace University was found quite interesting facts for today's era.

The interpretation of this study will be also shared with many other reputable organizations such as like United Nation UNICEF for their alternative analysis for the further such types of better outcomes.

According to Mr. Sharma, the realization of social education in the present life is the main key to the success in life.

Our children are the future for the world, keeping them connected with education is a necessity to fulfill by every special person as a moral responsibility of being neighborhood in the community.

Taking cognizance of thousands of cases like child labor, Mr. Sharma explains that, child labor is comparable to a cancerous disease. Which, completely deranged and abuses the child's time of education. He is forced to live an illiterate life. As a result of which we continue to see various types of child involvement into crime cases in the society, which is very condemnable for all of us.

Despite that our communal and Conservative evil thoughts also have contributed to a very large level some behind the rise in prominence in them. Because there are many such special class and Tribe places are still present in our country even today, specially girl child are not at all considered to be enrolled for education. There is no value of girl education and their fundamental life in the Society.

In such a situation, looking at the present time, we need to make an effort to connect every child our neighborhood to education for their better improvements of the future of such crores of boys and girls. As we all knows that in todays era only the education is credited for the progress of the world.

Mr. Sharma along with his explanation, also suggested some useful suggestions for parents and children which are as follows -

He shared that you will be surprised to know that many times great people do not have formal degree or qualification related to their field. For example, Sachin Tendulkar (an a Indian cricket teams super star sportsman) did not take any diploma in sports. Lata Mangeshkar (An a singing star) is not a doctorate in music. Many famous internet hackers and inventors in the field of computers are under 15 years of age and are still in school.

All these are because of theirs natural talents whose talent was recognized by their parents. Believe in your children's, they are also talented, just recognize their talent. We must help them to find their passion about they excel.

Similarly, every parent today should avoid giving or motivating their children to a course / education that is limited to maintaining your sustenance and survival. They must provide their children the opportunity to follow their rational (which is logical, not just imagined) dreams. Do not ask what they want to be? Rather, ask why do they want to be? What is their understanding? Are they influenced by friends or any other media? Are they inspired by the publicity in newspapers / TV about money and packages? If parents find that their children have ambiguity about the future, and are more imaginative, they can intervene to guide their children. In such case they should consult a career counselor immediately. In this way we will be able to force Picasso (great painter) to become a doctor. Prevent a Rahman (famous musician) becoming a software engineer.

Now the time has come that we should avoid all those misleading advertisements of various universities / colleges. Whatever facts they share regarding courses, facilities and placements in most advertisements are beyond reality.

Being emotional with their marketing, it is better to decide that you personally visit those universities / colleges. And talk to current students. They know the reality and will not lie to you. Never trust a person who does not fully know about the branch / stream / subjects / course, and tell you superficial things, which even a man knows along the way. Because only superficial knowledge of any subject can not make us realize its competence, only complete knowledge of education can give us a true sense of our life value.

Mr Sharma also believe in that a child can also contributes to their families interns of financials by being as a child artist in many advertisements, they can be as in a sports competition, singing and dancing, Drawings, Paintings etc through the creation of a lot of ambitious innovative works or by connecting with many other such admirable work areas.

A child may be able to financially support his family members as well as to promote economic development for his own life too.

This everything needed is that there should be a dire necessity to connect the future of such wanted children with such creative things.

Resulting which, we all can play a major role in shaping the future of our children. Then only we can think of the hypothesis of the coming age.

Finally, we all once again extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all the World Peace University family for interpreting the valuable information shared by the Honorable Chairman Mr. Sitaram Sharma for his wonderful contribution towards the research study performed by World Peace University to bring the revolutions in the education system.

The interesting inspirational interpretation that you have shared in the study will be documented in the research paper for the World Peace University to practice for continuous implementation and will be shared to all it's esteemed branches, and hopes for continuing support for further futuristic studies.

The above written researched study article of the World Peace University will be sent Throughout the world educational institutions and various non profit Organizations, including the International News Journals and UNICEF for their better implementation and summery record.

On behalf of all of us at WPC, WPG & WPU we express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of being so kind and supportive and in a great cooperation throughout the study.

We are glad to receive such honored cooperation and support. And will look forward for all future correspondence together.

Thank you and best wishes to all.

With Esteem

Dr. Lalit Kumar PhD (Hon)

President, World Peace University

Director General, World Peace Committee, Delhi

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